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DemocracyOS is the most used open source application for online decision making.

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How it Works


Get from zero to democracy in a click. Build proposals (or branch from others) and be the change you want to see.


Debate in a platform that rewards the best arguments and filters that noise that usually ends up calling the trolls.


With a clear deadline, get everyone on board to reach a voted decision and avoid endless debates.

Featured democracies

Active implementations of the open source code of DemocracyOS.

New york, Ny
Councillor Ben Kallos

A lawyer and self-taught software developer, Ben was elected council by the Fifth District of New York City in 2013. He is helping new yorkers protect their quality of life by fighting corruption and openly debating his proposals. 

Ben Kallos DemocracyOS

San Francisco, CA
Supervisor Mark Farrell

Representing District 2 in San Francisco, Mark is a leader on open government and data initiatives. He opened this platform to communicate better with the residents of San Francisco and to be more accessible. 

Mark Farrell's DemocracyOS

Guanyem Barcelona

After the indignados movement that took the streets of Barcelona as a resistance to the measures that generated unemployment in the financial crisis, Guanyem (’Take Back Barcelona’) is a movement of citizens that aim real change.

Guanyem DemocracyOS

Buenos aires
Congress of Buenos Aires

With 4 million+ citizens, Buenos Aires is one of the most demanding cities in the world. All 16 political groups in power helped to make it the first one in Latin America to let its citizens have direct input on its bills.

Buenos Aires DemocracyOS

More democracies


Easy Governance

Engage your community and give governance to any institution with multiple stakeholders, regardless of its size.

A Better Congress

We need to make politics intelligent. Reach any representative and build a stronger bridge to get all voices heard.

Smart Data

Get the disorganized, organized. With every instance of DemocracyOS you can get meaningful stats about your community and its activities.

“We are 21st century citizens doing our best to interact with 19th century designed institutions that are based on an information technology of the 15th century.

It's time we start asking: What is democracy for the internet era?”

Pia Mancini
The DemocracyOS Foundation at TED Global 2014

The Technology

Open Source

Join a community that's hacking the future of democracy today. We are 100% open source with an MIT license.

Blockchain Trust

Trust is deeply built into DemocracyOS using decentralized authority to certify every single decision made.


DemocracyOS has been translated into 15+ languages, with new communities joining every week.


Who We are

The Foundation

Our technology is developed and protected by The DemocracyOS Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in California, USA.

Our Backers

We are proud members of Y Combinator, the most prestigious high tech startup accelerator in the world.